Case Studies

Missing in Massachusetts

Brendan* and his family traveled to Massachusetts to visit his brother, Mike.  They brought along their family dog, Oscar.  One afternoon, Brendan’s son, Justin, approached him visibly upset, saying that he couldn’t find Oscar.  After helping Justin search around the house, yard and surrounding neighborhood, Brendan called Global Pet Plus for help.  Our assistance coordinators made phone calls to local animal shelters and veterinarians, providing all pertinent information to help track down Oscar.  Later that evening, Global Pet Plus received a call from the animal shelter nearly a mile away.  They found Oscar! Our assistance coordinators immediately called Brendan to give him the good news.  He and his family were so excited that Oscar was safe.  They picked him up and brought him back to Mike’s house.  They were so thankful for the help that Global Pet Plus provided to find Oscar and were relieved that he turned up safe and sound. 

Upset Stomach in Orlando

Christina*, a pharmaceuticals sales rep from Dallas, was traveling on business in Orlando with her dog, Bailey. She took Bailey with her on all of her business trips. After a long day of meeting with doctors in the area, Christina returned to her hotel to find that Bailey had vomited all over her crate. While not uncommon for dogs to occasionally vomit, Christina wanted to have Bailey checked out by a veterinarian just to be safe. Not familiar with the area, Christina called Global Pet Plus for help. Our assistance coordinators helped her locate a nearby vet and provided her with directions from her hotel. After a thorough examination, the vet determined that Bailey likely ate something that upset her stomach and there was no cause for concern. She recommended that Christina withhold food and water from Bailey at least until morning and reintroduce bland foods to her by the following evening. Christina was happy to know that there was nothing to be concerned about and that Bailey was healthy. She was thankful that Global Travel Plus was able to help her and Bailey while they were in an unfamiliar place. 

Feline Fatality in Michigan

Barbara* was staying with her sister in Michigan for a few weeks to help her care for their mother who had recently undergone hip replacement surgery. Barbara brought along her cat, Sasha. One morning, Sasha didn’t show up for her breakfast. Barbara searched the house for her. Unfortunately, she found Sasha motionless in a corner of the room. Sasha had passed away overnight. Barbara was distraught and didn’t know what to do. She called Global Pet Plus for help. Our assistance coordinators offered Barbara their condolences and located a pet crematory that would pick up Sasha’s remains.  A few days after returning home to Arizona, Barbara received Sasha’s remains in a small cedar box. Though still sad, she was content knowing that she had a nice keepsake that she could display on her mantle to remember her beloved cat, Sasha.  She was grateful to the sympathetic coordinators at Global Pet Plus who helped her through such a difficult time.  

Injured Paw in North Carolina

Jason* and his family were vacationing in North Carolina. They brought along their family dog, Lucky. One evening, after spending the day on the beach, Jason noticed that Lucky was limping. Not sure what to do, he called Global Pet Plus for help. Our assistance coordinators recommended that Jason take Lucky to a veterinarian to get his foot checked out. They directed Jason to a vet near the house he was renting.

Upon examination, the vet determined that Lucky had a piece of glass stuck in his paw. She removed it with tweezers and cleaned the wound. She also recommended that Jason try to keep the area covered with a bandage and that he soak Lucky’s paw in Epsom salt two or three times daily for the next few days. Jason and his family were thankful that Global Pet Plus was there to help them when they needed it and that Lucky’s paw was going to be just fine. 

Struck by a Car in Canada

Todd* and his friends went on a fishing trip to Canada.  He brought along his dog, Skipper.  Early one morning, while at the docks, Skipper wandered off.  Before Todd could call him back, he was struck by a car.  Todd rushed to his aid and asked his friend to call Global Pet Plus for help.  They rushed Skipper to a nearby veterinarian.  Skipper suffered several injuries including a broken leg as well as lacerations.  He underwent treatment at the vet, and  it was determined he would be ready for travel in a couple days, though the vet recommended that he stay inside and rest.  Global Pet Plus arranged and paid for Skipper to be transported back home to Vermont to the care of Todd’s wife, Lisa.  The couple was so thankful for the help provided by Global Pet Plus.  Skipper made a full recovery and was as good as new!  

*All names changed for privacy