Travel Services

Veterinary Referrals

Global Pet Plus’s 24 hour Operations Center can direct pet owners to an appropriate facility—veterinarian, clinic, or 24 hour animal hospital—when a covered pet has an emergency while traveling.
If specialized care is needed, our experts can provide recommendations for local providers specializing in:
  • Pet Acupuncture
  • Pet Behavior
  • Pet Nutrition
  • Pet Oncology
  • Pet Ophthalmology
  • Pet Inoculation
  • Pet Micro-chipping
  • Pet Adoption Counseling
  • Pet Chiropractors
  • Pet Massage
  • Much, much more…

Prescription Assistance

Should an owner lose or forget a pet’s prescription, Global Pet Plus will work with the pet’s veterinarian and local providers to assist in filling the pet’s prescription. Delivery of the prescription may be provided if necessary; however cost of the prescription itself is the responsibility of the pet owner.

Return of Remains

In the unfortunate event a covered pet passes away while traveling, Global Pet Plus will arrange and pay for cremation services and delivery of remains back to the owner’s home, if necessary.

Pet Grievance Support

The loss of a pet can be devastating.  Recognizing this, should a covered pet pass away while traveling, their parent may call Global Pet Plus to speak to receive complimentary initial telephone-based trauma counseling.  Global Pet Plus also offers hometown counselor referrals.


Should a covered pet become sick or injured while traveling and require hospitalization. Global Pet Plus will coordinate and pay to return the pet home, provided the treating veterinarian issues a certificate stating that the pet is healthy enough to be transported home via commercial air carrier or ground transport as appropriate.

Concierge Services

Global Pet Plus’s complimentary concierge services provided during travel as well as while at home include referrals and assistance in arrangements to such pet-related services as:
  • Pet travel services
  • Pet travel planning
  • Airline travel information
  • Pet transport and relocation 
  • Pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches and bars
  • Pet walkers
  • Pet sitters
  • Pet overnight boarding
  • Pet grooming services
  • Local pet taxi
  • Pet airport pick up
  • Pet day care
  • Pet travel agents
  • Pet loyalty rewards travel programs
  • Guidance concerning quarantine laws and foreign entry requirements
  • Pet obedience training or agility training
  • Breeder research
  • Any pet related needs

Emergency Transport Assistance

In the event a covered pet requires emergency veterinary care, and no appropriate facility exists within 100 miles, Global Pet Plus will arrange and pay for emergency ground transportation to the nearest animal hospital.

Assistance Finding a Missing Pet

In the event a pet is lost or goes missing during travel, Global Pet Plus will assist by directing the owner to local police and animal shelters and assist with microchip reading services.

Pre-Trip Checklist

Global Pet Plus will provide a comprehensive pre-trip checklist for pet owners traveling with or without their pets. The checklist will guide pet owners on the proper procedures for preparing pets for travel, as well as provide useful tips for ensuring your pet’s safety and health during travel. Conversely, owners who are planning to travel and leave pets at home will be provided with steps to take to ensure their pet’s needs are met while they are away from home.